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The new version of PowerPoint for Mac Here it is described free-power-point-templates. Features: You can select an object by clicking on its name. Objects are given default names when they are created; you can change them.

Text Effect Animation Options in PowerPoint for Mac - dummies

You can hide an object by clicking on the eye checkbox to the right of its name. Even if you do nothing else, bringing the objects that you want to work on to the front will make them easier to select.

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Playing a Video in PowerPoint on the Mac

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For the purpose of the tutorial, lets create an Oval and a Rectangle shape. We would display an Oval shape when the Rectangle is clicked.

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Start the slide show. When you click on the rectangle, the Oval will show using the Fade entrance effect.

The presentation file that demonstrates these steps is available here. All rights reserved. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

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  • The following steps show how to use Animation Triggers: Step 1: Create two shapes For the purpose of the tutorial, lets create an Oval and a Rectangle shape. Select Slide Show Custom Animation This would add the Fade effect to the Oval. Step 3: Set the trigger for the entrance effect on the Oval In this last step, we would setup the Rectangle to trigger the Fade entrance effect on Oval: Click the dropdown box of the Fade effect on the Oval in the Custom Animation pane.