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MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

Samsung updates Galaxy Book line with 2-in-1 Flex and lightweight Ion. Focus on performance and battery life for new Samsung Chromebooks. DIY second screen gives laptop productivity boost. Razer boosts performance of Blade Stealth gaming laptop. Linux-based Pinebook Pro has p display, multi-core processing and privacy switches. Vaio's latest mini laptop packs in the ports. Trio adds extra screens to make laptop multitasking easier.

2016 13" Macbook Pro Review - How is This a Pro Laptop?!

Asus offers creatives a secondary 4K screen on upcoming ZenBook laptop. Lenovo previews "world's first foldable PC". Not until macOS Mojave ships later this fall. I'm a true believer in SiriOS being an integral part of the future and, to get there, Siri needs to be everywhere. This isn't the movie Her, not by a longshot, but it's another step closer. I don't mean to keep ragging on Intel in this review. Except, I do.

And, ultimately, it's we the customer people that end up paying the price in convenience and compromise. That's right. Cradled in the fetal position of learned helplessness, Apple has had to give up on low power memory and go all in on full power. And, to feed it, Apple has increased the size of the battery. Combined with the extra cores, it all cancels out and you get the same battery life as previous generations. For me, in my last week of tests, it's been slightly less than advertised, but still enough to get me through a workday of web stuff or a few hours of Final Cut Pro X.

In the age of memory compression and blisteringly fast swap, it's arguable how many people really need 32GB of RAM. Personally, for me, it's the extra storage that caused my eyes to Anime pop. Not just because they're fast. All recent Mac solid state drives have been fast. So fast that some of my nerdier friends didn't believe the numbers they were seeing until they slapped open Terminal and ran three kinds of tests four kinds of ways.

They're that fast. But because this year, they're also BIG. Yeah, the gobsmacking number of zeroes behind those last few options burst my Anime eyes quick too. But, here's the thing: Apple not only sticks near-religiously to the absolute highest-end parts but typically pays extra for the absolute best binned of those highest-end parts. And that extra gets passed down in the build-to-order BTO options. It confuses and even frustrates a lot of people, but the simple truth is, Macs are market-priced, Apple just doesn't offer low-end alternatives with low-end parts the way other vendors do. With Apple, it's premium all the way down.

That said, SSD has been my main bottleneck for a few years now. Blame it on Final Cut Pro X being so damn thirsty. No matter how much space I think I have left on my current, sub-1TB drive, within minutes I'll start getting storage capacity errors. Sure, I can and do fall back on optimized media, proxy files, and external drives. But, while they're not as bad as, say, I don't know, the stomach flew, they're certainly inconvenient. Especially the added overhead, complexity, and additional drives to manage — and potentially damage — on the go.

Unless you're doing the kind of high volume photography or long form video work where your MacBook Pro literally pays for itself over and over again, week after week, month after month, I wouldn't recommend 4TB to anyone. But, the 1TB or even 2TB drives could more than make up the amortized extra few bucks a day in anxiety-relief alone. Nothing, not the bezels, not the Touch Bar, not the return of branding below the screen, not the loss of the glowing logo, not the thermals, not even the hashtag dongles — nothing — has been as relentlessly controversial on the post MacBook Pro as the butterfly and dome switch keyboards.

Some dislike the lack of travel.

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Others the loudness. Thanks to a mix of legitimate problems and reporting, and a hefty dose of social and blog fury, many simply worry about the reliability: That the flatter, better, precise-r, stabler keys could be rendered mute or maddening by a single grain of dust or debris.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Apple Laptop Is For You? | Digital Trends

Earlier this year, Apple announced an extended repair program for any MacBook or MacBook Pro that experienced any keyboard issues. Still, the company continues to stand behind the design, now in its third generation. The version introduced with the MacBook Pro looks the same on the outside.

Inside, though, there's a new silicone layer over the butterfly and dome switches. Officially, it's there to change the tone and loudness of the keyboard so you won't get so much side-eye in coffee shops or pillows to the head in bed. Of course, it also functions to make the keyboard punchier and to protect it from dust and debris, which should make it more reliable.

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When I first tried it, I didn't like it as much as last year's model. It just didn't feel as crisp. How, forget scissor switches, you better get the color of your cherry switches right? I'm the opposite of that. Give me a few minutes and I'll adapt to almost any keyboard, up to and including the barely-there Apple Smart Keyboard on the iPad Pro. Given my druthers, though, I prefer the butterfly and dome switches.

I've used them long enough now that going back to scissor switches just feels… sloppy. Now, two weeks, this review, and the human brains maddening ability to continuously reset what you consider normal, and I'm fine with it. Happy even. But, I'm not everyone and, as I've long said, when you have a single manufacturer you have to make sure the most critical features appeal to the broadest range of potential customers possible. If this isn't your first MacBook Pro rodeo, the design is unchanged from the and versions, so it also works with all the same accessories, including bags, cases, covers, and yes, hashtag dongles.

Apple is even offering its Leather Sleeve, which debuted last year for the inch MacBook, in inch and inch flavors now as well. I'm… not a fan. Mojave jas some crowd-pleasing new candy, like Dark Mode and Desktop Stacks, for us to look at, and some non-trivial productivity boosts like Finger Actions and Instant Markup for us to enjoy. Under the hood, though, Mojave is serving as a testbed for one the biggest evolutions ever to come to Apple's desktop operating system — support for what were originally mobile apps.

The MacBook Pro is available now, worldwide. Only the Touch Bar versions have been updated — the inch without the Touch Bar remains the model. Either way, Apple also provides free advice and education at Apple Stores on everything from video and photography to music and design. When you combine the typically lower support overhead with the typically higher resale returns, it creates value far beyond the sticker price.

All design is compromise. You can have it all, just not all at the same time. Stop me before I cliche again. But, my point is this: Apple could have made a bigger, thicker MacBook Pro with more thermal headroom, more keyboard travel, and more legacy ports, but that's not the computer the company believes it should make. That's less laptop and more desktop sandwich, with all the hot and heavy dressing that comes with it. For Apple, portables, even pro portables, have to be incredibly and ever-increasingly portable. Based on sales, that's something that resonates with a large and growing part of Apple's pro market.

Which, itself, is large and growing thanks to the very definition of "pro" expanding to include a wider range of use cases than ever before. It's just not something that resonates with the traditional pro market, the one that feels like it worked to help put Apple through college and is now being left for younger, hotter products with bad iPhone and iPad influences. Will the MacBook Pro change any of those minds? Yes and no. Objectively, Apple has addressed a range of concerns from performance to memory to storage to reliability, and heaped on top some a rather dazzling improvement to security as well.

But, all of that phenomenal computing power is still constrained by its itty-bitty living space. And, just as objectively, that might still be too much for some to swallow. Ditto the continued lack of a touchscreen. My guess is it'll convert way more people. Just not everyone. For others, myself included, the MacBook Pro is simply the best version of the best portable Apple has ever made. The chips are better. The keyboard is better. The memory is… whatever, and the storage — expensive as it is — also better.

Seriously, it's like Bondi Blue but on the inside. If you're already using a or MacBook Pro, you're going to really have to need either the increased performance, increased memory, or increased storage to pay for itself in order to justify the upgrade. If you don't need any justification, you've probably bought already, haven't you? If you're still clutching onto your pre MacBook Pro with a "my-cold-dead-hands" grip, then you may want to finally consider easing up off it a bit and checking out just how far the new versions have come.

Or not. Two week return period. Make use of it. If you need maximum portability, go for the inch. If you need the biggest canvas possible for your picture and palettes, go for the inch. I like the i7. Likewise 32GB and 4TB. They're for the idle rich and real racecar drivers.

For me, the last two weeks have been exactly like I imagined a better Ferrari would feel on the highway: Real-time interactions are now so responsive it felt like I was getting echoes of a digital future until I got used to scrubbing more precisely, and renders completed faster enough that, when I made the inevitable goof-ups, I ended up cursing ever-so-slightly less before fixing it and hitting the share button again. The biggest thing for me, though, is 2TB on the inch.

Eliminating that pain point alone, given how much I travel and have to produce on the road, is enough to get me to hit the buy button. Your pain points may vary. Ultimately, three versions in, my original recommendation remains the same: Apple has a very specific opinion about what makes a pro laptop, and it's still as much about portability as it is performance. If you want deleted bezels, a Face ID camera, and Taptic surface in lieu of keyboard, that's still the future and not the present.

If, on the other hand, you're all about pro-on-the-go, and you want your speed to be sexy, the MacBook Pro is the absolute best expression of that yet and will make you ludicrously happy. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station? Protecting the outside of your MacBook is a great way to protect its precious insides. Pick up a hard shell cover and save it from scratches and bumps. Here are our favorites! Rene Ritchie has been covering the personal technology industry for a decade.

An outspoken analyst and critic, he writes at iMore. Follow him reneritchie on Twitter and Instagram. Skip to main content. Black Friday at Dell: Check out the best deals now! Forums Shop Toggle Search. Here's what I've found. Touchscreen and scissor switch keyboards Low, low pricing. If you're at all unsure, try before you buy.

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I've also edited more than my fair share of photos and videos, and so here's my recommendation: Turn True Tone on and don't worry about it. MacBook Pro and Coffee Lake We're living in an age where Moore's law — or more properly House's Law, which predicted performance would double roughly every 18 months — contracted zombie plague a few years ago and is now dead or dying. Irresistible force: meet immovable object.

That is, if you don't have any problems changing gears on Highway Adobe…. Statement from Apple on the MacBook Pro thermal management bug Following extensive performance testing under numerous workloads, we've identified that there is a missing digital key in the firmware that impacts the thermal management system and could drive clock speeds down under heavy thermal loads on the new MacBook Pro.

Brutally, nothing. The iMac Pro escalated that to a T2. Here's what I wrote about it at the time:. MacBook Pro Keyboard Nothing, not the bezels, not the Touch Bar, not the return of branding below the screen, not the loss of the glowing logo, not the thermals, not even the hashtag dongles — nothing — has been as relentlessly controversial on the post MacBook Pro as the butterfly and dome switch keyboards. The second generation keyboard didn't do that. But this third generation just might.

Best Mac apps If this isn't your first MacBook Pro rodeo, the design is unchanged from the and versions, so it also works with all the same accessories, including bags, cases, covers, and yes, hashtag dongles.

Price and availability

MacBook Pro Main. Come home, Snoopy 'Snoopy in Space' hopes to get kids excited about space flight again What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station? Buyers Guide A hardshell case for your MacBook Pro is protective and stylish Protecting the outside of your MacBook is a great way to protect its precious insides.

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