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There's clear information available about audio files and samples too: Getting up to speed in Reason 6 is not hard.

If you previously used Record as well, it's essentially the same application, albeit with some new features. Complete newbies should be all set, too. Reason is notably easy to grasp, and doesn't have that overwhelming, labyrinthine quality that many heavyweight DAWs do. Thereafter, the up-front graphical nature of the rack and mixer positively encourages tweaking and experimentation.


Other factors are important here too. And Reason 6 maintains the excellent CPU efficiency of previous versions, letting users really pile on the tracks, instruments and effects without fear of running out of grunt. As for specific improvements, Reason 6 has plenty. Going hand in hand with the new mixer is improved overall sound quality. Previously, the Then there's the new effects devices. Its gates can also be triggered manually, opening up possibilities for glitchy vocal treatments and selective delays.

Meanwhile, Reason's former strengths remain undiminished. Similarly, the sequencer is disarmingly simple and immediate in use; in fact, the whole application is very fast and responsive at all times. There's great variety amongst the effects devices too. RV is an excellent reverb by any standards, and Neptune goes well beyond simple pitch correction and deep into 'creative' territory.

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Paradoxically, some of Reason's greatest strengths are also its most infuriating weaknesses. Various organisational features help, such as the multiple rack columns, improved device naming behaviour, device groups and the Combinator, but other DAWs allow the same level of mix complexity without the accompanying visual onslaught. Then there's the self-sufficient nature of the application.

For all the advantages this offers, Reason 6 still feels under-provisioned in some areas. Some effects types are missing: Nor are there any really out-there glitch treatments, or granular synthesizers. As for really specific and sophisticated treatments, such as drum replacement, noise reduction and restoration tools, forget it. Reason is just not that kind of DAW. NN-XT is undoubtedly an effective sample player, with very good third-party library support, but it's no Kontakt 5 or Mach Five 3. It doesn't have the same level of architectural complexity, or the scripting engines.

Looking critically at the sequencer, it's currently not possible to quantise anything except notes. Some simple movie support is surely overdue too.

While I'm grumbling, I'll also mention that the use of clips to organise note data for instrument tracks often feels really clumsy. All too easily, note clips end up not meaningfully representing the data they contain: They can be trimmed, of course, but that feels unnecessarily labour-intensive.

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It can open multiple songs simultaneously, but there's not the sophistication of audio file handling that would ever lend it to being used for classical-style or voice-over editing, mixing for picture, or mastering. The simplicity and immediacy with which most writing and mixing jobs can be achieved is refreshing, and yet dedicated Reason 'programmers' can be kept busy for years too, creating complex multi-device instruments and effects that can sound spectacular.

It has to be said, too, that in value-for-money terms, Reason 6 is absolutely astonishing. This distinctiveness isn't going to be for everyone, of course. But then, individuality is good thing, so long as it appeals to you. It's fun, sounds contemporary and lets you work fast.

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For new users, now's the perfect time to get on board. The range of devices on offer in Reason 6 is wider than ever, encompassing instruments, effects, and various sorts of 'problem solvers'. A fairly basic but useful virtual analogue synth with two oscillators, two filters and mono audio output.

A two-oscillator wavetable synth with harmonic skewing and some interesting audio routing and modulation options. Reason's flagship synth, with three six-mode oscillators including FM and phase distortion as well as virtual analogue and an extensive modulation matrix. But criminals had better look out, because Reason 6 is much better protected.

When installed from DVD or download it'll run in demo mode without restriction, and save songs too. Dominic says: July 8, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Name required.

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In addition to the new guitar and bass amp devices introduced in Reason 8 and Reason Essentials 8, the Line 6 Guitar and Bass devices are still available. Please Note: In order to support future product development, the Line 6 guitar and bass amp devices will no longer be available in the Reason rack by October In order to prevent any future compatibility issues, Propellerhead recommends that you render to audio any tracks that use the Line 6 devices.

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Alternative amp models will be available in Reason 8 and later. Privacy Notice. New Toys.