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Can I adjust audio balance? Help for Audacity 2.

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Forum rules This forum is for Audacity 2. Audacity 1. The old forums for those versions are now closed, but you can still read the archives of the 1. Post Reply. On my home entertainment system I have established that I need 5. I thought the pan slider might work, but it appears it only affects playback of a track I already recorded when importing i.

Mac OS X: Reset volume balance via script

How can I get this done? Can anyone help me? Model: Powerbook G4 AppleScript: 1. That's brilliant, thankyou! Just what I was looking for! And I was so close, it was just the "set value to I have tried the above mentioned script and in Lion at least the slider's range is different.

Balance Lock download | macOS

I am trying to use your script but with a different configuration! I need a script that change my audio balance to the right automatically when I plug my headphones and when I unplug it backs to "centrum". You may not need a script for that. I can set my audio sample rate to You can set the sample rate for audio output devices by first selecting the device from the left-side column, and then clicking the Output tab. Now use the Format pop-up menu to choose the sample rate you want.

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Higher is generally better, but don't bother to choose a setting that's beyond quality you can hear; if it doesn't sound better to you, don't bump the sample rate up, and there's no point in wasting processor time on something that isn't giving you audio quality beyond what you can hear. Some audio outputs support multichannel. You can set that by clicking Configure Speakers , and then choosing Stereo or Multichannel.


Use Stereo for 2-speaker setups, and Multichannel for surround sound setups. Every speaker connected to that output will appear, and you can assign specific channels to exactly the speaker you want.

From here, you can also drag the blue dot to set panning.