Wd my book for mac 3tb review

We're a big fan of this look — it's understated and quietly stylish and extremely scratch resistant.


We carried the My Book Studio in a backpack with its power adapter in the same compartment, and the few surface scratches it sustained were easy to rub off with a damp cloth. It flickers brightly when the drive is in use, and turns off when the My Book Studio enters its low-power standby mode.

In this mode, the hard drive spins down, saving power and silencing the device — the only downside is a wait time of around 8. The enclosure's rear has two FireWire ports — one direct connection and one to daisy-chain another device — and a USB 2. Of course, Thunderbolt and USB 3. We think the 3TB is actually the best deal: the amount of storage space is immense for a single drive, and the price really isn't too far off buying a Western Digital 3TB internal drive and cheap FireWire enclosure.

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You can easily re-format the drive to NTFS for Windows use, but this is another step for new and possibly amateur users to undertake. Both tests were averaged over three successive runs. These transfer times translate into raw speeds of We haven't tested the USB 2.

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Its reasonable price tag makes it an easy-to-recommend choice for any Mac user looking to boost storage capacity with an all-in-one device. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected.

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The 4TB WD My Passport For Mac REVIEW Digital Space Like Never Before

The drive comes in a single bay and dual bay options, we got the single bay variant with 4TB of storage which is priced Rs. The WD My Book comes in a protective box fixed in a sufficient cushion to protect the fragile hard drive. Apart from the device itself, it comes with an AC power adapter which powers the drive.

Tech Review: WD 8TB My Book

It also comes with a USB 3. The WD My Book is a rather big device which comes with a poly-carbonate outer casing which holds the circuitry and the hard drive itself. It comes with heat vent on the top side of the device and at the bottom side too which removes the heat from the device.

viptarif.ru/wp-content/child/46.php The back side of the device has a USB 3. The device is not very big or heavy yet not very comfortable. The drive comes with high-speed USB 3. WD My Book comes with some important softwares which you can use to bring all the important settings to your hard drives like backup and security options. The WD Discovery tool brings all your social media and cloud storage at one place and you can import all the cloud storage data on your drive. It will also help you to manage other WD utilities. The WD Security software is available to lock up your essential data by using a password to access the drive.

Another important software is WD Backup which is used to take backup of a particular location periodically or backup of the whole system at once. As we mentioned before in my review, it is easy to setup device which needs nothing except a power cable and the USB cable to setup.

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If you still want to how easy it is to setup WD My Book, look at the steps below. You can use the device just like an ordinary external drive and install all the necessary WD softwares provided inside to get a fantastic experience and the security options you need to protect your data.

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The WD My Book is a fantastic device to do almost everything which you usually do on your internal storage. It is fast and is compatible with every operating system you are using, Windows or MacOS. The device performed at its best which provided high read and write performance.