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You can also play your photos on a TV using Chromecast, and you can allow Dayframe to play random pictures if you choose. If you pay for the premium version, you will be able to set a timer to dim the brightness, create custom playlists to accompany your photos, and even display the weather. Plus you will get an "open an app" timer and be able to remove the Chromecast player logo.

VivaVideo is an app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Apple Photos video slideshow tutorial

The basic version of VivaVideo is free to use and download. When editing, you can choose between a "pro mode" for more flexibility and a "quick mode" for a faster and more automated version. The in-app camera allows you to take videos and apply more than 60 special effects while you do so. You can add transitions, sound effects, and even dub your video.

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If you leave the app, your edits will be automatically saved, and you can easily merge videos through the storyboard feature. Unfortunately, the free version of the app includes an intrusive watermark on your videos, advertisements, and a limit to five-minute slideshows. Movavi has ample options for editing slideshows, photos, videos and more.

You can normalize the sound, record directly from your screen to capture video calls or other activities happening in real-time on your device, and even apply makeup digitally or retouch a photo with ease.

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There are also cool features like custom captioning. Slideshow lab offers whimsical preset themes to choose from and an easy interface. They offer many motion templates for you to create a slideshow in different styles including graphics from your favorite movies like the Minions and Spiderman. Whether it is memorable wedding photos or beautiful pictures from your trip, you can always find a template suitable for your occasion.

Want your pictures imported into a fun, vibrant slideshow with music? Give MoShow a try. It is available for both Android and iOS and is perfect for creating slideshows for Instagram's newsfeed because it formats the video into a square. Now, it also features a vertical format option that's perfect for Instagram stories. The free version of this app limits you to 30 seconds for a slideshow of square photos and 11 seconds for a slideshow of vertical photos, which is quite limiting.

Overall, this will be tricky to use without investing in the pro version. In such instances, it is recommended to use a tool that removes similar or duplicate photos on your device. Generally, images can eat up a lot of space on your device. For some, they have several copies or duplicates for each photo that have different file names and sizes.

Top 9 Best Slideshow Makers with Music

This tool can efficiently find and clean similar photos on your Mac. Free Download. After creating your slideshow on your Mac, you might have some leftover duplicate photos. Depending on the reason why you need a slideshow, there are various ways on how to make a slideshow on Mac. Once you decide to create a slideshow on your Mac, you might be surprised to find out that the Finder in Mac OS X has an in-built instant image slideshow feature.

Generally, it is a component of Quick Look which has been around for some time, but a less known feature that is ideal if you want to showcase a batch of photos. In addition, it is a good choice if you want to display a single photo in full screen without requiring you to open an application such as Preview. The initial move is to choose a photo or batch of photos from your desktop and utilize the following:.

Best Slideshow Makers with Music

Generally, the zoom features are separate from the slideshow. You must enable them for the features to work which is easy to do in devices with OS X Mountain or Maverick. You can activate the features with a keyboard shortcut. Remember that this does not offer all the features added in the Lion or Mountain Lion OS, but you will surely enjoy a good slideshow. Another option on how to make a slideshow on Mac is using Preview. When you double-click on a photo in the Windows file browser, you can easily use the arrow keys to view all photos in that folder. As for Mac users, when a photo in Preview is opened, nothing happens when pressing the arrow keys. Generally, this is the reason why it is hard to enjoy a quick view of the slideshow. Although you can effortlessly create a slideshow using Photos, it only displays the photos that you have imported there. You can even press on Spacebar to view the images on Quick Look, but you cannot do so in a full-screen slideshow view.

No Flash ActionScript coding required. Flash Slide show Maker is easy to use with friendly interface. Flash Slideshow Maker Professional provides basic image options like cropping, re-sizing, rotating; You can also add tiltes, HTML description, stylish text, ready-to-use artclips or URL links to your photo slides; In addition, the slide show creator includes advanced flash transition effects, Pan and Zoom effects Ken Burns effects , timing control.

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  6. Flash Slide show Maker is a template based Flash slideshow creator. Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac 1. We're constantly developing new slideshow templates inspired from our users' suggestions and the quality gallery collections that we've seen around. We provide customers with customizable photo slideshow templates. It is so easy to edit a Flash template, you do not have to acquire any coding skills.